Goodbyeee, Goodbyee…

…wipe a tear…

Ok so there may have been some very minor inaccuracies in my earlier World Cup blog.  You know, spelling, typos and the like.  Obviously my reader in Cambodia will allow me the opportunity to redeem myself.  By the way who the hell are you? I don’t know anyone in Cambodia.

Each group was won by the country finishing top followed, I can confidentally predict, but the country finishing second. At no time do England or Spain feature in this equation.

After some tightly fought games between various countries in the last 16 some of those countries reached the quarter finals.  England and Spain still failed to feature.

After some excellent performances by some countries the semi finalists were decided and again, no England or Spain.

Finally the final and, not unsurprisingly, the World Cup was won by a country. This country beat another country by scoring more goals than they did.

Goalline technology again showed that Sepp Blatter clearly crossed the line, as did his bank balance.

The lifetime achievement BAFTA still went to Neymar.

Did I mention that England and Spain were not involved?

The End – and on with the cricket


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