Eggs and Sausage and a Side of Toast

…coffee and a roll, hash browns over easy.


I will be spending the day with junior 2 at a cricket festival tomorrow.  Shortly I will be having the same argument with herself that I have every time I go out for a day.

It can be anything; rugby, cricket, kids athletics, Olympics, etc.  Whatever it is I WILL NOT take a packed lunch.

All of these places have food outlets, even school district sports at the David Weir Arena.  And I simply have to try whatever they offer.  It would be rude not to. (The cafe at the David Weir, run by a very nice Frenchman, does an excellent full English breakfast by the way).

Even short visits require a pocket full of coin of the realm.  (A universal truth is that these places NEVER have any change).  So  whenever I make one of my regular journeys to a football/cricket/insert game here match I judge the venue solely on the quality of (Or existence of) the bacon buttie. (vegetarian options not always available).  If it doesn’t have a lone parent sweating over a frying pan to give me my buttie fix (which is NOT a euphemism by the way), I will not even give it a mention.  However those who do provide will be respected for the effort, even if, like some, the quality is lacking.  for the record the best bacon buttie award goes to Oxshott sports club.  The worst, I am sad to report, is at the home of Thomas’s football club, Corinthian-Casuals.  Even I pass up on the offer of their food.

Back to packed lunches.  There is always a cafe, or a burger van, or occasionally (like the school fete) sweaty dads manning a burning barbeque.  Therefore I have to avail myself of its wares.  Even if those wares are not too good, or even potential carriers of something contageous, it has to be done.

As I said, the Casuals are poor, but they are not alone.  Kempton cricket club deserves a mention for its small, tasteless and over-priced butties.  On the plus side the food outlest at Olympic Park were OK, if a little expensive.

Ultimately, as herself will point out to me shortly, the other universal truth is that I simply don’t want to carry anything.  Yup, true.  But what’s wrong with that?



Eggs & Sausage by Tom Waits


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