Month: July 2015

I’ve got a bike…


…you can ride it if you like.

Or not…

Thomas and I went in to town this morning and we were almost hit by a cyclist.  I will admit we were being a bit inconsiderate.

By crossing at the trafffic lights when the “green man” was on we were clearly being inconsiderate by making it more difficult for the cyclist to ride through the red light.   When I said (and I quote myself) “Red lights apply to cyclists as well”, I was called a word beginning with C.  So….

Dear Cyclists,

I appreciate there are a lot of stupid drivers/people out there who, amongst other things, do not show respect to cyclists. However, despite what some of you might think you are not exactly perfect yourselves.

Some Comparisons:

Cost of decent car: £thousands
Cost of decent bike: £hundreds

Cost of learning to drive before being allowed on the road alone:…

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