The Road (and ocean) To Hell…


…are we nearly there yet?

Mid June:

Time again to think about the annual family pilgrimage to somewhere that isn’t home.

This year it’s a rare chance to educate the natives with a trip to foreign climes, in the shape of La Belle France.  I must practice speaking slowly and shouting which, given that I normally speak to the kids in that fashion, shouldn’t be hard.  Having booked very late (as usual) we couldn’t get the sailing we wanted so our 2014 road trip begins with a 200 plus mile drive to Plymouth on the first Saturday of the school holidays. This is followed by the 10pm overnighter to Roscoff.  The whole thing should be a breeze, what could go wrong?

Late June:

Received paperwork from holiday company (Brittany Ferries).  Ring them to find out why the car reg number (an important thing) isn’t on the travel documents.  Find out…

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