Computer Love…

…I call this number for a data date.  (Name that tune)

Thinking about life without computers and technology seems simply impossible now. They have invaded our lives, be it socially or for business, in so many ways.  I guess it’s mainly a good thing but I sometimes hanker for the good old days.

“The Here and Now” versus “The There and Then”.  How we do it and how we did it.

  •  Contacts:
    now I scroll down a long list on my phone, press a small part of the screen and bingo – A phone call is made. (Or a text… etc.).  Back then I had them written down in my address book.  And back then I actually knew my (and others’) phone number
  • Calendar:
    Now I have an “app” on my phone where the active lives of my children (not me you understand) are recorded.  However I still have a calendar on the kitchen wall and it needs a pen (remember those).  I spend more time syncing my phone and the wall calendar than actually doing the events.  An interesting marriage between the now and the then.
  • The Internet:
    Used for essay research (copying), and general finding out of stuff.  Back then we had to walk to a library (look them up on google if you don’t know what they are), and look in an encyclopedia or something.  Libraries now, what remains of them, are populated by parents with under 2’s who like a story but can’t quite google yet.
  • E-readers:
    See library (demise of) above.
  • Banking:
    There was a time when I could only get cash from an actual bank, and then only during business hours.  Now I can get it anywhere, ATM’s, shops, pubs etc.  The cashback culture gives us so much more opportunity to get into debt.  Mind you with internet and phone banking I can at least discover my debt faster.  Back then I would have to rely on the post office to deliver the bad news.
  • Cyber crime:
    Back then if someone wanted to rob me they would have to stand on a street corner wielding a baseball bat.  Now neither me nor the “robber” need leave the comfort of our own homes.  The bonus, l guess, is that I don’t need to visit the downgraded Epsom A & E for stitches.
  • File storage:
    Computer hard drives, CD Roms, memory sticks and even something called the cloud now keep details of everything we own.  Yet many of us (guilty as charged) still end up printing copies of everything and using a filing cabinet.  (Again, Google it).  If it rains doesn’t a cloud burst?  Where does my stuff go then?
  • Teamer:
    Software that organises the selection of my kids’ cricket teams.  Great if players/parents actually bother to respond.  Back then I would get a phone call and have to make a decision, yes or no, and then on with our lives.
  • Communication – Verbal/visual:
    People(my kids for example) are surprised to hear that mobile phones (Cellphones for my American reader) were originally designed only to make phone calls.  It was years later that texting began. Before then l would need to be in the house to receive a call and my mobility would be restricted by the length of cable attaching the phone to the wall socket. Back then I also had to be in the same room as someone if I wanted to see them. Now Skype and the like mean I can look at the person I am talking to but they’ll never see the rude gestures I am making out of camera shot.
  • Communication – written:
    Dear old email.  We all do it and to be fair, unlike letter writing, it is fairly instant and is a great way to keep in touch.  However how many times had I had an email from someone sitting at the other end of the office.  Get up and walk to my desk you lazy git.  At least then you can be sure that what you say gets to the right recipient.  Clicking send is fraught with danger.
  • Entertainment:
    Back then entire summers were spent at Chris Martins house playing an everlasting game of Risk.  Now you play a number of games against a number of faceless people who, especially in Scrabble, are probably cheating.
  • Commerce:
    How much shopping is now done on the Internet?  It is not impossible to order something online and get it faster than by going to a shop. (I did this recently with a fridge – ordered and delivered same day).  Computer giants are wise to this and it’s only a matter of time before we can only shop on eBay and Amazon.  Trust me – it’ll happen.This is just the tip of the iceberg but to my mind, one thing is certain…
  • Computer Love:
    Yup, you can get that online too these days.  No more do men and women employ the “three S’s” (shower, shave and ****), before hitting the local nightlife in the hope of meeting someone who wants more than one thing.  Now simply go online, upload a 10 year old photoshopped photo, make up some stuff and Bob’s your uncle.  Instant life partner.  I read somewhere recently that 60% of relationships now start online!  Not sure i believe that but I assume the next statistic will be that 50% of divorces start the same way.

…life was so much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruit.







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