Computer Love…


…I call this number for a data date.  (Name that tune)

Thinking about life without computers and technology seems simply impossible now. They have invaded our lives, be it socially or for business, in so many ways.  I guess it’s mainly a good thing but I sometimes hanker for the good old days.

“The Here and Now” versus “The There and Then”.  How we do it and how we did it.

  •  Contacts:
    now I scroll down a long list on my phone, press a small part of the screen and bingo – A phone call is made. (Or a text… etc.).  Back then I had them written down in my address book.  And back then I actually knew my (and others’) phone number
  • Calendar:
    Now I have an “app” on my phone where the active lives of my children (not me you understand) are recorded.  However I still have a…

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